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Kombi Mexiko

Cto Sierra de Alcaraz 374
Residencial Santa Fe, León GTO 37296

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¿How do you know if you need Kombi Mexiko?

We are a company with great experience in the process of buying classic, new and used vehicles and motorcycles, as well as experts in the matter of importing and exporting vehicles from Mexico to abroad (our main channel) and vice versa, having the processes customs and maritime transport of the highest quality and efficient. We are the company that will take you by the hand throughout the process of the whole automotive logistics.

Purchase of Vehicles

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  • Purchase of automobiles in Mexico and their export to Europe.
  • Report documentation and images of the state of the vehicles.
  • Advice and customs process.
  • Purchase of cars and motorcycles: classic, new and used.

Vehicle Transport

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  • Transport of vehicles for private and public clients.
  • Safe transport of classic, new, and used vehicles.
  • Intercontinental transport using RoRo and containers.
  • Professionally armed and secured restraint harnesses.

Car Shipments

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  • Shipping of private vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Intercontinental transport using RoRo ferries.
  • Containers with harnesses of the highest quality.
  • The most transparent customs processing service on the market.





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Cto Sierra de Alcaraz 374
Residencial Santa Fe, León GTO.

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+52 222.106.0196